Griffin3 Systems is an innovative computer solutions company. We find non-standard solutions to difficult problems, finding a way of thinking through which the solution becomes clear. We use tools in ways that were never intended (or imagined), creating simple solutions to difficult problems, and difficult solutions to impossible problems.

Our latest project is a conversion of a large collection of Level 2 courseware from Mandarin to Authorware. A collection of templates and VB utilities allow us to partially automate the conversion process, reducing our total conversion time for this conversion to 8 man-hours per courseware hour. is a Jay, Florida based company, with 26 years experience with computer programming, networking and troubleshooting. Currently we are creating solutions with emphasis on web-playable electronic courseware, but are always interested in new challenges. We still charge nothing for the problems we can solve over the phone.

Glenn Griffin -
3793 Highway 4 / Jay, FL 32565